X11 Screenshots With Matchbox Window Manager

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The following screenshots were taken using xwd and converted to jpg format using Xpaint.

Shot 1.
Dillo showing the mico-httpd index page.

Shot 2.
XFM application and file manager displays when X is started.

Shot 3.
Gacc book-keeping application.

Shot 4.
The console game Hangman.

Shot 5.
Figurine vector drawing application. (This application is about the limit the system resources can cope with).

Shot 6.
The spreadsheet SC.

Shot 7.
Index a console PIM / database manager.

Shot 8.

Shot 9.
The console game Fish.

Shot 10.
Connection to a PC using ppp.

Shot 11.
Several users all logged on from a PC connected over a serial PPP link (root logged on to the local tty1 console).

Shot 12.
The console ICQ client Centericq.